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Suzanne Bryant is a former journalist from New York City and became a certified yoga teacher in 2000 with Alan Finger of Ista Yoga. Suzanne has a Masters in Spiritual Psychology and Nutrition, and is the creator of the film YOGA IS, a modern yoga journey featuring celebrities such as Russell Simmons, Christy Turlington, Michael Franti and Buddhist scholar, Robert Thurman. The film in many ways captures the modern yoga experience so I’ve invited Suzanne on the show today to share her experience, her story, and role of yoga as she sees it through her lens.

In this Show, You’ll learn:

  • How yoga can help with emotional understanding and breakthroughs
  • The influence of the guru system of yoga and its path for the future
  • The importance of focusing on more than the physical aspects of yoga
  • How yoga has changed in the past decade or so and where it is going in the future

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