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When you feel stiffness, pain, and aches in your body, it can often be caused by connective tissue dehydration, a little-known, extremely-common condition that’s no good for yoga students. Join Lucas Rockwood and Sue Hitzmann as they deep dive into connective tissue hydration, corrective exercise, training “safe” rather than hard, and to heal your body.


Sue Hitzmann in the New York Times best-selling author of the MELT METHOD, a book that teaches her signature self-treatment technique for rehydrating your connective tissues, overcoming pain and injuries, and preventing future problems.


Sue is a nationally-recognized somatic-movement educator and manual therapist. She has decades of experience in practice, research, and study of anatomical science and alternative therapies all of which have gone into the creation of the MELT Method® (MELT).


In this Show, You'll learn:

  • Why tissue hydration is so important for yoga

  • Foam Rolling 101: what it’s all about

  • Chronic pain: causes and treatment ideas

  • Food, exercise, flexibility and stress

  • The “Melt Method” and its benefits


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