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Back pain is pandemic, and it’s one of the top reasons people come to yoga class. In this week’s Yoga Talk Show episode, Lucas Rockwood and Esther Gokhale discuss how primal posture can help with chronic back pain. Esther Gokhale (Go-clay) has been involved in integrative therapies all her life. She studied biochemistry at Harvard and Princeton and, later, acupuncture at the San Francisco School of Oriental Medicine. After experiencing crippling back pain during her first pregnancy and unsuccessful back surgery, Gokhale began her lifelong crusade to vanquish back pain.


She is the founder and creator of, The Gokhale Method®, a unique, systematic approach to help people find their bodies’ way back to pain-free living.


Gokhale's book, 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back, has sold over 100,000 copies and has been translated into eight languages. In 2010, Gokhale hosted the nationally televised program Back Pain: The Primal Posture Solution (available on DVD).


In this Show, You'll learn:

  • how primal posture can help with back pain

  • the benefits of "tucking in your tailbone" and other exercises for the back

  • Esther’s thoughts on ergonomic chairs, body-forming mattresses and lumbar spine pillows


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