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Everyone from trainers to medical doctors is touting the benefits of lifting, not just for cosmetic reasons, but for metabolic health, hormonal health, bone density, and more. Nia Shanks joins to Lucas on the Yoga Talk Show to share her experiences with weightlifting, and the impact that continuous exercise can have on your overall well-being.


Nia Shanks is a coach, health and fitness writer, and founder of "Lift Like a Girl" website and popular podcast. She is busting the myth that women can’t develop strong bodies in a healthy way and she wants them to embrace who they are and become even stronger, more awesome versions of themselves.


Nia has a degree in Exercise Physiology and has written for and been featured in: Burn the Fat Blog, Tribe Sports, Breaking Muscle, Experience Life Magazine, EliteFTS, Muscle and Strength, Contributor to TNation, Beautifully Hardcore,, and more.


In this Show, You'll learn:

  • The benefits of weight training for women (and men)
  • Why injuries are so common in lifting and how to avoid them
  • Gettings started 101
  • 3 resistance training exercises to start now


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