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Your typical doctor's visit is less than 7 minutes long. It doesn't matter if you have a broken bone, a tonsil infection, or pancreatic cancer, most of the time you're in and out faster than seems possible. It's not the doctor's fault, it's the system's fault, and the solution is to slow down everything in our lives to achieve balance. But who wants to go slow? Not you, not me... so what to do?

On this week's show, we'll look at creative solutions to finding more quality downtime in life without compromising your goals, ambitions or excitement.
What You´ll Learn:

  • Why community support is the linchpin for health
  • Why we need to properly define what "health" really means (it's not young and beautiful)
  • Why slowing down can be the ultimate self-care routine
  • Why quality "slow time" is more important than quality


Dr. Michael Finkelstein practiced internal medicine and was Medical Director of a hospital for 20 years before embarking on further training in Integrative and Holistic Medicine. He went on to create a Health and Wellness Center, called SunRaven, and wrote Slow Medicine: Hope and Healing for Chronic Illness because he realized that individuals need more than what is found in typical medical institutions.

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Nutritional Tip:

  • Whey Protein

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