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If you go to your doctor for a routine checkup, he or she will usually run very limited blood tests because of cost considerations and limited health insurance coverage. For anyone interested in optimal health, this is not much of a "checkup" at all since you're not checking much of anything. You could have low Vitamin D (almost certainly), elevated C-Reactive Protein (very likely) and a high A1C (very common) without knowing it.

Today, we have the ability to go "rogue" and take our health into our own hands. Just like you can order a designer cocktail at your local bar, you can also order up your own blood tests and hire someone to help you review them. Rather than comparing your results to the national averages (which means a bunch of sick people), a qualified professional can help you analyze your results and help you work toward optimal health, not average health.

On this week's Yoga Talk Show, you'll meet Dr. Stephen Lewis and Janet Lewis, founders of Doctor's Nutrition, an innovative company that advises you on blood work and helps you interpret the data.
Listen & Learn:

  • Why most doctors do extremely limited blood tests
  • Why your results are usually green light or red light only, and the yellow range (warning!) is almost completely ignored
  • How to go "rogue" and take your health into your own hands
    Why you should get an A1C test for a 3-month snapshot of your blood glucose management
  • Why you should get your T3 (not just TSH) tested for thyroid health


Dr. Stephen Lewis and Janet Lewis are the founders of Doctor's Nutrition. Doctor’s Nutrition provides Evidence-Based Nutrition™ information, where you get information based on years of experience treating patients with natural compounds and verifying the results with pre and post lab tests. Located in Longview, Texas, Doctor's Nutrition offers medical lab services in or near your hometown without the need for expensive office visits and long waits.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Alkalized Water

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