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My six-year-old son will approach the person behind the counter at the grocery store and ask, “Do you have anything for kids?” At the doctor’s office, he’ll ask, “Do you have any candies?” He doesn’t break eye contact and his voice is steady, without a shred of insecurity, and it works. People give him things everywhere he goes. This is the power of confidence in action, and it’s remarkable to watch. I don’t take credit for it, he came out this way; but I have come to believe that confidence is a skill that can be learned. Since confidence is a meta-skill that makes pretty much all other skill acquisition easier, this is something we should all train regularly.

On this week’s Yoga Talk Show, you’ll meet a woman who wrote the book, Confidence Creator. Her story and her no-nonsense approach can serve anyone at any age


Listen & Learn:

  • Fired from your career job? Try this...
  • Sexually harassed at work? Stay strong
  • Why doing hard things is the bedrock of confidence
  • How confidence can be learned and developed just like any skill
  • The importance of journaling for self-awareness and growth
  • Simple steps you can do right now to build confidence in your life


Heather Monahan started from very humble beginnings growing up in Massachusetts, and built a successful career in sales working in real estate and radio in multiple states. Her recent work is focused on coaching and training in the “Monahan Method” and self-confidence is the cornerstone of this approach. Her new book, Confidence Creator, is available on Amazon.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Kombucha

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