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How to Change Your Mind
with Jon Venus


“If it bleeds it leads” has always informed mass media, but for the past few years, the new thesis goes like this. “The more radical the viewpoint, the more reach it gets.” Extreme groups of all types scream it out daily; and while collectively, they represent the minority fringe, they siphon off the majority of our bandwidth.

There are the alt right xenophobes, the extreme left terrorists, the all-meat eaters, the fruitarians, the violent vegans, and the QAnon followers all trying to convince you they possess the real truth. So who holds the real answers? Nobody.

True revelation is never at the extremes. The truth lives in the murky middle filled with “yes, but” and and “in my situation…” The truth is filed with nuance, compromise, and it requires that we all embrace a certain degree of ignorance. |

On this week’s show, you’ll meet a social media personality who built and has since destroyed his personal and professional life around the strict ideology of veganism. 

Listen & Learn: 

  • The pitfalls of ideological groups 
  • How parenting adds an incredible layer of social awareness to your personal choices
  • How to change your mind and what it might mean personally and professionally
  • The dangers of extreme groups online

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Jon is a health and fitness personality best known for his YouTube channel and social media presence. Long-time vegan recently changed his diet.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Mushrooms for Immune System

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