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Breakup Bootcamp 

with Amy Chan
What is love? If you ask 100 people, you’ll get 100 different answers; and yet here we are, desperately needing love all the time. It shouldn’t be a big surprise, relationships don’t always work out. Everyone has a breakup story, and whether you’re 16 or 60, the pain and emotional spinout is pretty much the same. My guest on this week’s show helps coach people through a transition to a positive future. 

Listen & Learn

  • Why you need at least 60 no-contact days
  • How to focus on the future, not the base
  • How to avoid trauma bonding with others
  • Finding peace with yourself first and foremost 

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Amy is the Founder of Renew. She is a relationship columnist and Editor-in-Chief of Heart Hackers Club, and the other of the book, Breakup Bootcamp: The Science of Rewiring Your Heart.

Nutritional Tip of the Week

  • Food Before Bed

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