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I wore a continuous blood glucose monitor for a month and learned that certain fruits (mangos in my case) sent my blood sugar soaring, and even more surprising, my 3 am glucose levels often dropped so low I was in hypoglycemic state. And here’s the kicker: those hypo nights always followed an elevated glycemic day. Weird. I’d never learn this without a CGM, and the dietary shifts were super easy to make and the changes were almost immediate.

Why does it matter? I was regularly waking up semi-delirious, sweating through the sheets, convinced I was having some kind of nighttime anxiety attack. Nope. It turns out I was just having a low blood sugar event, and that’s a lot easier to fix than a mental health issue. 

The most common “health trackers” we use are the mirror in the bathroom and our favorite pair of jeans that may (or may not) feel tight in the morning. For obvious reasons, we tend to pay most attention to health warning signs we can see, visually, but the good news is that it’s getting easier and easier to see inside our blood to learn how we’re doing in real time.

On this week’s podcast, you’ll meet Jody Stanislaw, a type I diabetic whose career is focused on blood glucose management. 

Listen and learn: 

  • Type I vs. type II diabetes - what’s the difference? 
  • Why A1C tests are so valuable for everyone
  • Why moderate carb, balanced fat and protein probably make sense for almost everyone
  • How glucose can go from healthy to toxic when the body gets too much

Resources and links:

Jody Stanislaw’s website


Jody Stanislaw is a naturopathic doctor that focuses specifically on Type I diabetes. She’s the author of a book called, HUNGER: An Adventurous Journey of Finding Peace Within. 

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Protein in the morning

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