Age Less / Live More

You’ve probably noticed the media right now is filled with polarizing voices, rage, and vitriol; but have you noticed that these extreme views are not your own? Have you noticed that hardly anyone you know is truly radical in their views? Most people are reasonable, thoughtful, and concerned. 

On this week’s podcast, I’d like to share my own experiences with courting radical viewpoints, and why they pop right now on social media. I’d also like to address some of the hatemail, critical inquiries, and listener feedback I’ve received.  

Listen & learn: 

  • My own politically flip flopping views 
  • The dire need for critical thinking amidst a sound-bite media frenzy
  • Why listening to people you disagree with might be the most important conversations to have
  • How so-called “hot issues” of the day are not actually popular, they’re simply salacious
  • My (un)safe space hope for the podcast  

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