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If you have a weak or damaged pelvic floor, it can cause incontinence, prolapse, and back pain. Did you assume this only affects postpartum women or the elderly? Nope, pelvic floor dysfunction is now common in younger men and women too.

In yoga, we often refer to this region as mula bandha and uddiyana bandha. You might have heard it referred to as your deep core or pelvic diaphragm. Whatever name you use, it’s an often overlooked area of the body, and there is an entire movement system designed to train this region: hypopressives.


  • “Six pack” vs deep core, what is the difference? 
  • Why do many people accidentally pee when they laugh or lift
  • How can the pelvic floor affect your posture?
  • The breathing vs. pelvic floor diaphragm connection
  • How proper breathing can make you stronger and more stable (down there)


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Trista Zinn is the founder of Coreset Fitness. She’s a personal trainer who specializes in pelvic health and core re-programming. She is a leading voice in North America and worldwide for pelvic floor health. 

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  • Porridge

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