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Imagine you are in charge of the weekly grocery shopping for a family of four, and each week, you get a new assignment. Week one, you’re asked to buy the healthiest possible food for your family. Week two, you’re asked to choose foods that are healthiest for the planet. Week three, you’re asking to choose foods produced fairly, meaning the workers and employees in the supply chain are treated well. Week four, you’re asked to do all three previous challenges at once: health, environment, fair trade.

Could you do it? I couldn’t. On this week’s podcast, you’ll meet an author attempting to find a solution to this seemingly impossible yet crucial goal of our food system.


  • 5 thing you can do to make a change
  • Nutrition for you
  • Health for the planet
  • Fair trade for workers
  • A way forward  


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Ryan was a competitive bodybuilder for five years. He has an undergraduate degree in exercise science and completed postgraduate work in nutrition and exercise physiology. He’s also a yoga teacher and has been working with clients for decades. 

Nutritional Tip of the Week

  • Spicy food

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