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Food is so much more than energy. It’s culture, tradition, family, comfort, indulgence, guilt, and pleasure all in one. To add to the complexity, certain foods are even addicting. Today, food abundance is the norm and food costs have dropped lower than any time (relatively speaking) in recorded history. With that in mind, is it any wonder we’re struggling with weight gain, cravings and food addiction? My guest on this week’s podcast is a recovered expert in the psychology of eating. 


  • How food can be harder to “quit” than crack cocaine
  • Why you must have a system to succeed long term
  • How addiction manifests differently for different people 
  • How to navigate the forever-conflicted information on diets 


Susan’s Site


Susan Peirce Thompson PhD is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Rochester. She’s an expert in the psychology of eating. She is the founder of Bright Line Eating Solutions
and the author of a number of books under the same name.

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  • Juicing Too Much Sugar

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