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Have you noticed many leading voices in the fitness industry are single and are able to spend 2-3 hours per day working out? No matter how organized you are, if you have kids and a career (that isn’t fitness-related), most people struggle to find even an hour a day for themselves. Rather than ignore the very real time constraints of midlife, my guest on this week’s podcast has created a solution built around systems. 

Listen and learn:

  • Why walking can be an ideal starting point for many people
  • The power of routinizing one or even two meals daily
  • How planning and preparation can make all the difference
  • Why you should avoid extremes 


Fit Father Project


Anthony Balduzzi is the founder of the Fit Father Project. He helps busy fathers lose weight and build muscle to stay healthy for their families.

Nutritional Tip of the Week

  • Fermented food and belly

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