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The average life expectancy 100 years ago was around 53 or 54 years whereas the average life where I live today is over 80 - this is a radical change. When the average person is adding three decades to their life compared to their great-great grandparents, there are all kinds of new concerns that arise. How can I keep my teeth that long? How can I hold onto muscles and bone strength? And will I have the hormonal mix to make me feel like a man or woman; or will I just slowly wither away. 
Age and death are inevitable, but our path toward the finish line can take many twists and turns. On this week’s podcast, you’ll meet a medical doctor and menopause expert who will share her best ideas to live the 2nd half of life well. 


Dr. Suzanne’s Site

Dr. Suzanne is known for her Menopause bootcamps in Los Angeles, and she has combined her work as an OB-GYN and Ayurvedic Medicine practitioner into a new book, Menopause Bootcamp

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