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Arthritis in the knees, hips, or wrists is extremely common, particularly in the second half of life. If you’re feeling pain and inflammation in your joints, the natural impulse is to reduce your movement and limit your activities, but movement is medicine. The fluid between your joints wants and needs movement to nourish, heal, and lubricate your connective tissues. But how much movement is helpful? And how often? There are no easy answers to these questions, but yoga for arthritis teacher and best-selling author, Ann Swanson, joins us to share her personal and professional findings. 

Listen to learn: 

  • The importance of strength as we age
  • How to modify for your body and your pain  
  • How hyaline (articular) cartilage health is crucial and how degradation of this tissue can lead to pain and restricted movement
  • How the synovial fluid around your joints responds to movement and compression


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Ann Swanson is a certified yoga therapist and author of the best-selling book, Science of Yoga. She specializes in helping people manage stress, pain and arthritis. 

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