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Many people take a hardline stance when it comes to health: they either trust mainstream, allopathic medicine and mainstream medical doctors, or they are committed to natural and alternative healing protocols. From my perspective, both extremes are shortsighted. Why not focus on what is the best option for you based on your goals, challenges, and your phase of life? A 24 year old athlete with a torn ACL has a very different set of considerations compared to his 64 year old father. 

On this week’s podcast, you’ll meet a spinal surgeon who does not operate on over 90 percent of his clients, and instead focuses on the best solutions for the individual. 

Listen and learn:

  • The dangers of surgical hardware manufactures funding research
  • Why spinal surgery has such as bad reputation
  • When to choose chiropractic care and physical therapy
  • Why most back pain will resolve in 6-8 weeks, even severe pain


Dr. Aslie’s Clinic


Dr. Aslie is a Board Certified, Harvard University Fellow Spine Surgeon. He’s the founder of in Sacramento California. 

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