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When it comes to personal growth and development, most of us immediately think of productivity. How can we be more efficient and more effective with the limited time we have on this planet? On my best days, I consider myself moderately productive and yet, as months and years go by, the evidence of my productivity is undeniable. So what’s the secret? I have no idea, but our guest on this week’s podcast writes and lectures exclusively on this topic and has plenty of insights to share. 

Listen and learn:

  • How mindfulness can help reduce distraction
  • The importance of “savoring” and creating meaning in all our experiences
  • The threat posed by super-stimuli such as junk food, adult websites, and newsfeeds
  • How to jump off the daily anxiety rollercoaster 



Chris Bailey is a productivity expert, and the bestselling author of books, Hyperfocus, The Productivity Project, How to Calm Your Mind.

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