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For some forms of cancer, allopathic medical interventions are extremely effective; but for many cancers, outcomes are mixed and confusing. Like all things health, it’s clear that diet and lifestyle interventions can play a huge role in prevention, treatment, and possibly even reversing some forms of cancer. On this week’s podcast, you’ll meet a medical doctor turned cancer patient and natural foods advocate who dedicates the second chapter of his life toward beating cancer. 

Listen and learn:

  • Why nine daily servings of plant foods is recommended for cancer prevention and treatment
  • How sugar and insulin can feed cancer
  • The importance of supplements like iodine and vitamin D
  • Strategies for education and empowering yourself and your health
  • Why cancer needs inflammation to proliferate 


Dr Brandy’s Site


Medical doctor Dominic Brandy was diagnosed in 2017 diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma,an incurable rare form of cancer. He started researching plant based diet, exercise, and targeted supplements. His cancer is in remission, and his work focused on helping people with lifestyle interversion to treat, manage, and hopefully reverse cancer as well. He’s the author of the book, Beat Back Cancer Naturally. 

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