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Our traditional healthcare systems offer amazing options for acute pain and injury, but for long-term, chronic, and subclinical pain, you’re mostly on your own. It’s more common than not for someone with chronic lower back or knee pain to have absolutely no idea what is wrong or how to fix it, and scans and doctors’ appointments often leave you with no clarity or guidance. In an attempt to fix ourselves, we stretch, strengthen, buy different shoes, and adjust our workstations. Sometimes it works, but sometimes we need more help. 

On this week’s podcast, we meet a physical therapist who focuses on standing posture and walking gait as a functional fix to main chronic pain ailments. 

Listen and learn:

  • Why atrophied gluteus maximus muscles are often a key culprit in joint pain
  • Why it can be helpful to avoid locking your knees while standing
  • How an overemphasis on movement can sometimes lead to overlooking incorrect movement


Rick’s Website


Rick is a physical therapist who found traditional therapy effective for acute pain but lacking for chronic pain and nagging injuries. He spent over 20 years developing his own approach and subsequently authored the Fixing You book series.

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