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Moringa is known as the “miracle tree” due to its many healing properties. With over 92 macro and mirco-nutrients, nearly every part of the tree can be used to heal and sustain life. This week, Lucas and Lisa Curtis discuss the power of moringa, and how the tree of life can help with malnutrition globally.  


Lisa Curtis is the founder of a Morgina-based nutrition company called, Kuli Kuli. She began working on Kuli Kuli while in the Peace Corps in West Africa. As a volunteer in her village’s health center, she gained a first-hand understanding of the common nutritional challenges faced in West African villages and how moringa can play a role in helping to address those challenges.


Prior to Kuli Kuli, Lisa served as the Communications Director at Mosaic, wrote political briefings for President Obama in the White House and worked at an impact investment firm in India.


You can learn more about her company at


In this Show, You'll learn:

  • All about moringa, and other micro and macro nutrient dense plant foods

  • To what extent moringa can help with malnutrition, and other diseases

  • How much moringa you should be consuming

  • What is the future of food?

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