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Your habits around food, exercise and lifestyle largely dictate your health. What do you eat for breakfast? What is a "fun night out" for you and your friends? How often do you get outdoors, run, cycle or play? In our youth, our healthy habits tend to come naturally, but as we age, unhealthy habits creep in—and they are so hard to break. On this week's Yoga Talk Show, we'll unpack habit change and how to cultivate it in your life.  


Listen & Learn:

  • Why persistence is the key to change
  • How to leverage crisis and pain for changes  
  • Why we should look for questions more than answers
  • How modern agriculture and food processing makes it difficult to stay healthy
  • How you can begin make changes that will compound over time


Cyndi O’Meara is a nutritionist, best-selling author, health and wellness expert, and the founder of Changing Habits.

She is the author of dozens of publications including her book: Changing Habits Changing Lives that became an instant best seller. You may have seen Cyndi the recent documentary, What's With Wheat or seen her interviewed or profiled in dozens of publications and websites.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Green Pasta Any Good?

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