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“Change the way you think about things, and the things you think about will change.” This cliche sums up 80 percent of modern personal development, but it’s about as useful as marital advice that suggests a minute-long daily hug will ensure everlasting love or financial advice that suggests if you skip your morning latte and save the money you’ll get rich someday.

Has any of this ever actually worked for anyone? I doubt it.

If I were to ask you about work or family or your country, you’d immediately have an emotionally-charged response—much of which may be negative. You can flip the script and tell yourself a different story, but those underlying emotions brew below the surface. No one has ever thought their way out of any major crisis. It all comes down to action.

What are you going to do?

With mental health problems, unfortunately, most of us do nothing. We feel depressed or anxious, so we try to wait it out. Our home life is suffocating, so we try a gratitude journal to change the story in our head. The office is a black hole where souls get vaporized, so we spend the day on Instagram trying to change the way we think about things.

On this week’s podcast, we’ll talk about the need for the Mind Detox method. Clear out your head trash and make space for new feelings, new experiences, and a new way of living.

Listen & Learn:

  • How food and eating habits are often where mental and emotional problems appear
  • How self-care techniques like yoga and tapping can empower you to have some control
  • How your past is never really the past unless you deal with it and resolve painful issues

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Sandy C. Newbigging is a meditation teacher, monk, mentor, speaker, and author. He is also the creator of Mind Detox, Mind Calm, Body Calm and Calm Cure coaching and meditation techniques, collectively known as Calmology.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Frozen Food

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