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Hormonal birth control has been directly correlated with weight gain, mental health problems, and decreased libido—not exactly an ideal mix when it comes to sexuality. But what are you supposed to do? What is the alternative? With anything health and wellness, all decisions are personal, but unfortunately, most decisions are uninformed. 

Our guest on this week’s show will shed some light on the real concerns so you can make the decision that is right for you.

Listen & Learn

  • How the pill can make you attracted to less masculine men
  • How birth control can lead to anxiety and depression
  • Why non-oral hormones carry a higher risk for mental health problems
  • How old school methods are worth considering in some cases 
  • How a pill can have cascading effects throughout your mind and body 

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About Our Guest
Sarah E. Hill, Ph.D. is a research psychologist and professor who studies health, relationships, and social behavior. Her research lab is located in the Department of Psychology at TCU in Fort Worth, Texas. She is also a writer, speaker, and author. Her book, This is Your Brain on Birth Control, is available on Amazon or on her website.

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