Age Less / Live More

Reverse Aging with Lifelong “Play”
with Stephen Jepson


Aging starts with the loss of lean muscle and mobility. Next, you notice you’re not sharp as you used to be, and then things accelerate as you become less active, less engaged in the world, and one step closer to the grave. Death is inevitable, but “healthspan” is something we can control: how healthy will you be in those years you do have on this planet? Do you want to die riding a skateboard or stuck in a nursing facility? Do you want your best years to be in the past or in the future?

Our guest on this week’s podcast is in his late 70’s and learning new skills daily, skills that even 20-year-olds find challenging.

Listen & Learn:

  • Why bilateral training is the key to cognitive health
  • How there are countless examples of people going from wheelchairs to full function, from bedridden to active—so why not you?
  • How eating and writing with your non-dominant hand can be a simple hack to lay down new neural wiring
  • How neuro-plasticity and neurogenesis can happen at any age if you keep learning and keep playing
  • Why you should never stop playing

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Stephen Jepson is the creator of a lifestyle he calls: Never Leave the Playground. He rides a unicycle, juggles while balancing on a bongo board, throws knives and plays jacks with both hands, walks a tightrope, swam across Iowa's Spirit Lake at age 66, and has won over 80 gold medals in swimming since age 65. And more. Much more. After a career in pottery, both teaching and creating, he now dedicates his time to the research of this lifestyle fitness plan.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • How Much Fiber

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