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The Power of Pessimism - COVID-19 Survival
with Lucas Rockwood


What if this COVID-19 crisis lasts another six months? Or another two years? Our work and lifestyles are being radically redefined, and most people are taking a “wait and see’ approach, doubling down on Netflix, and waiting for big pharma to fix this mess.

Maybe it’ll work. Maybe it’s almost over. Or maybe, this is just the start of a whole new future we can’t even fully comprehend yet. 

Human psychology is such that fear and pain incite personal growth more than pleasure or optimism. With that in mind, what if we all game-out the worst case scenarios. Let’s assume for the sake of this exercise that this crisis will last one or two years more, and let’s use this uncertainty as a forcing factor for changes that would otherwise take five or ten years to manifest.

On this week’s podcast, we’ll explore the power of pessimism, the importance of focus, and how to find the signal through the noise during these challenging times. 

Listen & Learn: 

  • Why “Defensive Pessimism” can set you up for a win during crisis times 
  • Why a “smile or die” outlook can be personally and professional dangerous 
  • How to embrace change and embrace loss
  • How to focus on health, wealth, relationships during this time

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Lucas Rockwood is a yoga trainer, writer, and keynote speaker. He founded YOGABODY and The Yoga Teachers College and has certified over 12,000 teachers working in 41 countries. 

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Cranberries Any Good?

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