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Reflexology & Energy Balance

with Helen Chin Lui  

Set and setting are often overlooked when it comes to healing. Set refers to your mindset going in, and setting refers to the environment in which the treatment takes place. If you walk into a therapist's office with a “This will be so helpful!” attitude, and if the office is beautiful, smells nice, and is dimly lit, the deck has already been stacked in favor of a positive outcome.

Even for a diehard skeptic like myself, energy medicine practices like reflexology should not be ignored, particularly for issues like chronic pain, mental health, and inflammation. Whether it’s the placebo effect or the genius of ancient medicine at play, who really cares if it works? 

On this week's podcast, you'll meet a reflexologist who will help you navigate the world of alternative health.

Listen & Learn:

  • What reflexology is how certification works
  • Why it's so challenging to find a good Reiki practitioner
  • How the body heals itself, the therapist just helps nudge it in the right direction
  • Why most people give away their power to heal rather than taking control

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Helen Chin Lui is a certified reflexologist, energy medicine practitioner, and reiki therapist. Her interest in alternative health was sparked by a health crisis her son experienced and has become her life's passion. 

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  • Immune Boosters Covid

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