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The Power of Dreams
with Charlie Morley


Did you know that you have four-to-six dream cycles per night totaling about two hours? If you’re like me, you almost never remember your dreams - and certainly not two hours worth.

But does it matter? Are they important?

Yes, dreaming is adaptive. Just as your body recovers while you sleep, your brain uses dream states to consolidate memory, learn from experiences, and process emotions. If we can all agree that it’s beneficial to be mindful during your waking states, it’s reasonable to assume that a mindful dream practice should serve us as well. On this week’s podcast, we’ll deep dive into the importance of dreaming.

Listen & Learn: 

  • Why nightmare’s are a good sign 
  • How sleep hacks have limited efficacy for real trauma
  • How pre-bed breathing can induce healthy sleep and dreams
  • Why dream’s meanings are individual but their benefits are universal

Links & Resources

Charlie Morley is an author and expert on Lucid Dreaming. He’s written a number of books including Lucid Dreaming Made Easy and Dream of Awakening among others.  

Nutritional Tip of the Week

  • Too Much Water?

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