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Holiday season is here, and we’re entering a four week period where our behavior is often bipolar. The last two weeks of December are a food and drink debauchery, and the first two weeks of January are often a mad fitness frenzy. Can we avoid this binge-purge cycle? Should we even try? On this week’s podcast, I’ll share some of my best ideas.

  • Socially-acceptable excuses to avoid alcohol 
  • Why skipping wheat-based anything can be an effective hack 
  • How to accept and reject sweets effortlessly 
  • Why walking can be your best choice during the holidays 
  • How to get amazing deals before New Years at fitness centers

Thanks for listening to the show in 2021. I appreciate all your support, questions, and feedback. From all of us at YOGABODY, we wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and joyful New Year. 

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