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When most people think about a family farm, they think of a wooden house in the middle of a field with a few chickens, a couple of cows, and some corn and tomatoes growing. These days, that is more likely a  “hobby farm” since almost all commercially viable farms, including family-run operations, are high tech, sizable, and are extremely productive. They have to be to survive. 

On this week’s podcast, you’ll meet a multi-generational farmer who will help us all better understand where our food comes from, the complexity of supply chains, and the challenges of survival as inflation sets in. 


  • Why growers earn just pennies per piece of product (like an onion) 
  • How rising freight costs will affect all our food budgets soon
  • Why it’s impossible to start a family farm from scratch today
  • The scale, scope and future of agribusiness 


Shay’s Tiktok

Owyhee Foods


Shay is the CEO of Owyhee family onion business. He’s a farmer, entrepreneur, and content creator sharing with his followers the behind-the-scenes from the USA agricultural business. 

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