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Our own bodies are a source of infinite learning and mystery. Most of us are familiar with our skin, our hair, muscles, and teeth; but did you know that you have an internal latticework of connective tissues called fascia, that give shape and structure to what would otherwise be a bloody ball of soft serve? Unlike many tissues in the body with a distinct beginning and end, fascial sheaths are often long, complex, and can span the entire length of the body. Even more interesting, fascia is loaded with sensors and nerve endings. It is smart tissue that can serve us well or cause pain, discomfort and injury. On this week’s podcast, we’ll explore this fascinating tissue from a health and healing perspective. 

Listen and learn:

  • How fascial adhesion and contraction can result from stress
  • How your abdominal fascia is linked to fascia in your quadriceps 
  • Passive versus active therapies
  • The importance of organized scar tissue while healing  


Structural Elements


Douglas Bertram has a background in massage therapy, orthopedics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and sport injuries. He is the founder of orthopedic wellness clinic Structural Elements.

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