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I’m a productivity junkie in recovery. I’ve read just about every productivity and habit change book you can think of. From time blocking and “inbox zero”, to nootropics, I’ve tried almost everything. And while I’ve certainly learned many tactics, I’ve also learned that most things don’t last. We all need to find what works for us individually; and maybe accept that we are not, or at least don’t have to be, so productive all the time. 

In a quest to boost her own productivity, my guest on this week’s podcast discovered that the secret is to reframe and redefine it altogether. 

Listen and learn:

  • How all types of creativity can be a form of productivity
  • How not to succumb to the comparison trap and find what works for you
  • Whether joy and ease motivate you, or fear and pain
  • What’s behind this increased focus on achieving productivity


Madeleine’s Website


Madeleine Dore spent five years researching how creative people organize their lives through her popular blog, Extraordinary Routines, and her podcast, Routines & Ruts. The lessons culminated in her first book, I Didn’t Do The Thing Today.

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