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How long do you want to live? How healthy do you want to be in your later years? For many podcast listeners, healthspan is more important than lifespan, but it’s difficult to figure out what–if anything⁠–can stack the deck in your favor. On this week’s podcast, we’ll meet PhD researcher and author, Morgan Levine, who is actively working to answer these questions. 

Listen and learn: 

  • Why exercise is probably the greatest anti-aging tool
  • Metformin and rapamycin: do they work?
  • Human age potential
  • Heritability vs. epigenetics 

Morgan Levine’s Book


Morgan Levine was an Assistant Professor in the department of Pathology at Yale University. She now works with Altos Labs, where she leads a research group on
bioinformatics, cellular biology, and biostatistics. She is the author of, True Age: Cutting-Edge Research to Help Turn Back the Clock.

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