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Many people take a hardline stance when it comes to health: they either trust mainstream, allopathic medicine and mainstream medical doctors, or they are committed to natural and alternative healing protocols. From my perspective, both extremes are shortsighted. Why not focus on what is the best option for you based on your goals, challenges, and your phase of life? A 24 year old athlete with a torn ACL has a very different set of considerations compared to his 64 year old father. 

On this week’s podcast, you’ll meet a spinal surgeon who does not operate on over 90 percent of his clients, and instead focuses on the best solutions for the individual. 

Listen and learn:

  • The dangers of surgical hardware manufactures funding research
  • Why spinal surgery has such as bad reputation
  • When to choose chiropractic care and physical therapy
  • Why most back pain will resolve in 6-8 weeks, even severe pain


Dr. Aslie’s Clinic


Dr. Aslie is a Board Certified, Harvard University Fellow Spine Surgeon. He’s the founder of in Sacramento California. 

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If you search online to learn about health and fitness, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of articles and videos, making it difficult to know where to start. Meanwhile your social media feed is likely filled with personal trainers looking like Adonises and experimenting with fitness as if they have 49 hours a week and a virtually unlimited budget to play with. Unlike the rest of us, they do! In reality, most people don’t have the time to wade through the (often conflicting) advice online and quietly struggle to maintain their weight and energy on a day-to-day basis. 

On this week’s podcast, we meet personal trainer, golfer, podcaster and health coach, Brian Gryn, whose work is focused on helping people to live their best, healthiest life with universal principles and self discovery. It’s time to separate the signal from the noise.

Listen and learn:

  • The importance of experimenting with your unique body
  • Why lower carb ( < 50 grams daily) can lead to major challenges both nutritionally and psychologically
  • How to use self trackers and hair mineral testing


Brian Gryn is a personal trainer, author, and podcaster who focuses on eating clean and living your best life.

Learn more at

Brian’s Site

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Arthritis in the knees, hips, or wrists is extremely common, particularly in the second half of life. If you’re feeling pain and inflammation in your joints, the natural impulse is to reduce your movement and limit your activities, but movement is medicine. The fluid between your joints wants and needs movement to nourish, heal, and lubricate your connective tissues. But how much movement is helpful? And how often? There are no easy answers to these questions, but yoga for arthritis teacher and best-selling author, Ann Swanson, joins us to share her personal and professional findings. 

Listen to learn: 

  • The importance of strength as we age
  • How to modify for your body and your pain  
  • How hyaline (articular) cartilage health is crucial and how degradation of this tissue can lead to pain and restricted movement
  • How the synovial fluid around your joints responds to movement and compression


Ann’s Site


Ann Swanson is a certified yoga therapist and author of the best-selling book, Science of Yoga. She specializes in helping people manage stress, pain and arthritis. 

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If you could meet anyone from history, who would you meet? There’s a saying that you should never meet your heroes because you’d be disappointed–at best. Envisioning the future of human progress in a game of push and pull. We dig in our heels as we cling to the past, and we press the pedal to the floor–all at once.  

My guest on this week’s podcast focuses his work on what he calls, the Longpath, a future-focused vision for living today. 

Listen and learn

  • How to not move so fast you break things
  • Why old school traditions still have a place in a modern world
  • Can a Western perspective truly consider a global view of the future?
  • How to be a good ancestor for your kids 


Ari’s Site


Ari Wallach is the founder and Executive Director of Longpath Labs. He is the author of the book, Longpath: Becoming the Great Ancestors Our Future Needs. He has a TED Talk on his concept of Longpath that is a great primer to his work as well.

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