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There’s a saying: “If you want a new idea, read a history book.” That might be true 95 percent of the time, but for the remaining five percent of the time, particularly when looking for problem-solving techniques, the solution might demand a completely new approach. Lateral thinking is the idea of entering from the side door, flipping the problem on its head, and spitballing completely new solutions. On this week’s podcast, we discuss how to apply this technique to your life.

Listen and learn:

  • Why innovation seems to have reached a lull
  • How to break free from your siloed information feed
  • What if everything you assumed was wrong or misguided?
  • What if the solution to your current problems was easy, obvious, and simple?


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Paul Sloane is a UK-based author, speaker, and consultant, specializing in innovation and creative thinking. He has written several books on these topics, including: Lateral Thinking Puzzlers, The Leader's Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills, and De Bono's Thinking Course.

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