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Have you ever noticed that many cold and flu remedies contain little more than honey and water? Have you ever gone to the doctor feeling ill and felt significantly better almost straight away? The placebo effect is a long observed phenomenon in medicine, but the same expectation effect also impacts most other areas of life.

If you read five-star reviews before visiting a restaurant, it primes you for a great experience. If you’re watching a film that everyone you know loves, you’re also far more likely to react positively to it. My guest on this week’s podcast is an expert in the effect of expectation.

Listen and learn:

  • Why the placebo-pain connection is so strong
  • How “open label” placebos can be just as effective
  • The lesser-known nocebo effect and its risks
  • How to ethically leverage the expectation effect in your life


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David Robson is a science writer who explores the human brain, body, and behavior. He graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in mathematics. He wrote extensively about misinformation during the COVID pandemic and mental health. He is the author of The Intelligence Trap, and his newest book, The Expectation Effect

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