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Are you familiar with the concept of being time poor? This is when you have your life more or less figured out, but you don’t have a spare minute in your schedule. Since time is your greatest asset, and is in short supply, why not buy some of it back if given the opportunity?

For many of us, hiring help in our personal or professional lives seems too expensive, too indulgent, or just downright lazy. But many of us are living lives that are bigger than a 24 hour day, and the only way to get through it with any sense of control and freedom is to enlist some help. On this week’s podcast discover how to buy back your time. 

Listen and learn:

  • How to calculate what you can, or cannot, afford to hire help for
  • How code, content, capital or collaboration are the four ways to scale your impact
  • Why buying back your time before buying possessions might be worth considering 


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Dan Martell is an entrepreneur, investor and business coach. He founded a number of companies including Clarity and SaaS Academy. He is the author of a new book, Buy Back Your Time.

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