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People often lament that they prioritize others’ needs above their own, and they don’t know how to put themselves first. I believe most of us are mostly selfish, so I don’t think the problem is putting yourself first, I think the problem is putting self care first. People will overcommit to work, family, and community obligations, but ignore free times, exercise, and quiet solitude. I don’t believe that we’re all so altruistic that our days get vacuumed by charity work, I think our time is consumed simply by other seemling more important priorities.

The term self-care conjures up images of manicures or lazy Sunday morning brunches, but what if you expanded that to include art, creativity, silence, adventure, friendship, and whatever else perhaps feeds your soul but almost by definition does not have a quantifiable reason for ending up on your calendar. 

On this week’s podcast, you’ll earn the importance of making time for less strategic, you-focused activities.


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Taylor Elyse Morrison is the founder of Inner Workout, a company that aims to make well-being and personal development more accessible. Her book is called, The Inner Workout.

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