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Give a baby an ice cream cone and watch his eye brain light up with pleasure. The desire for sweet is hard-wired into us, but our access to sweet is unprecedented and problematic. Sugary and starchy foods are cheap, delicious, and last for years on the shelf. As you know all too well, once you’ve established a habit of indulging, it’s so difficult to stop. On this week’s podcast, you’ll meet as public health educator who turned her own sugar breakup into a focus for her teaching and advocacy.


  • How sugar affects your dopamine, insulin and microbiome
  • Why sugar is in 74% of all packaged foods
  • How starchy foods can be just as problematic as added sugar
  • Planning for the 7 to 10 day detox
  • The psycho-social role of sugar and sugar addiction


Dr. Grayson’s Site


Dr. Andrea Grayson is a behavior change communications consultant. She teaches about Public Health Communications at the University of Vermont. In 2016, Andrea weaned herself off sugar and now helps others do the same. Her book, The Sweet Tooth Dilemma, is available on Amazon. 

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