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We’ve all had the experience of opening a new pint of ice cream fully intending to just have a spoonful, and then 10 minutes later, the container is empty and you’re unsure why. Binge moments are part of life, but for some, binging happens regularly–daily even–and it can become a serious mental health challenge that has very little to do with food itself. On this week’s podcast, my guest will help you understand what’s going on and offer some insights for a path forward.

Listen and learn:

  • Why today’s “last supper” is never the last
  • How to differentiate impulsive vs compulsive behavior 
  • How to remove shame and guilt around food
  • Important distinctions between bad food vs bad person


Sarah’s Site


Sarah is a licensed psychotherapist with a focus on assisting people recovering from binge eating disorders. She is the author of the book, I Can’t Stop Eating.

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