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There is no such thing as a perfect human diet because we are all unique and have unique objectives. The bodybuilder eats to build mass, the dieter plans meals to lose weight, while others use food to manage their mental health. On this week’s podcast, you’ll meet a metabolic psychiatrist who takes a food-first approach in her work with clients.

Listen and learn:

  • How to determine if an extreme or moderate approach is best for you
  • How ketosis can fuel the brain and cool inflammation
  • Why low carb approaches can be helpful for depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD
  • Short term treatment or long term fix? Sustainability questions explored


Dr. Ede’s site


Dr. Georgia Ede is a nutrition and metabolic psychiatrist. She has done extensive research on ketogenic diets, and is the author of the book, Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind.

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