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I’m an introvert. In my private life, I don’t talk much and am mostly in my head. But since the forced isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve come to re-appreciate the power of community. Every single health goal I have becomes so much easier when I’m around positive, supportive people. So once a week, I force myself to practice yoga, take a run, ride my bike, or paddle surf with other people. On one of those runs, I joined up with 120 people on the beach in Barcelona running, doing burpees, and dancing to pop songs. The group is called Midnight Runners, and it turns out it’s a long-standing event that happens all over the world. On this week’s show, you’ll meet the founder to learn about the power of fitness and community.  




Greg Drach is the co-founder of Midnight Runners with a mission to make fitness more engaging and fun. Drach is an avid traveler and adventurer having visited 65 countries across five continents.

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