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The world of professional athletes and the concept of your body being your business, with its performance directly linked to your paycheck is completely outside of anything most of us have experienced. For most of us, we wake up to a to-do list of tasks, and it’s unclear if we’re winning or losing, what the score is, or whether anyone is even keeping score. My guest on this week’s podcast shares how he’s taken his experiences as a professional baseball player off the field and into office life. 

Listen and learn

  • How to find a flow state in your work
  • Why you need a clear goal and to push outside your comfort zone
  • The importance of finding your “why” at work


Derin’s podcast


Derin McMains is a former professional baseball player who was drafted in the eleventh round of the 2001 Major League Baseball Draft by the San Francisco Giants. He spent six seasons in the Giants’ minor league system, earning the Harry S. Jordan Award for the Giants’ best spring training rookie in 2006. Currently, he serves as the Director of Mental Conditioning at ReliaQuest, a cybersecurity company.

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