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Chocolate-covered ants and other novelty foods have been around for ages, but is anyone moving beyond the novelty foods and taking a deeper look at the real nutritional benefits of edible insects?

This week, Lucas Rockwood and Kevin Bachhuber discuss the topic of insects-as-food. Kevin has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin Steven's Point, one of the nation's top schools for wildlife conservation and natural resources.


A lifelong urban farmer, Kevin founded Big Cricket Farms in response to growing water shortages, the rising costs of protein production, and a simple desire to eat bugs with friends. In 2006 his travels to Thailand, Kevin was able to sample a variety of edible bugs including crickets, and found them to be delicious! Upon returning to the USA, he also discovered that there were essentially no commercial sources of crickets for people to eat, so he decided to create one. In 2014, the time was ripe, and Big Cricket Farms was born.


In this Show, You'll learn:

  • Why bugs might just be the future of food

  • The farming of bugs in real life (what it’s like)

  • Whether insects-as-food is truly sustainable

  • Living off bugs: is it actually possible?


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