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Could "mood" be the #1 determining variable in performance and recovery from training? What impact does reduced breathing versus accelerated breathing have on your oxygen and carbon dioxide levels—and what about your nervous system?

On this week's Yoga Talk Show, you'll meet strength and conditioning coach, Brian MacKenzie, who will introduce you to breath training in a whole new way.

Brian MacKenzie is a strength and conditioning coach and the creator of CrossFit Endurance, which specializes in movement with an emphasis in running, cycling, and swimming mechanics. Brian has been featured in Competitor, Runner's World, Triathlete, Men's Journal, ESPN Rise, The Economist, Outside, and in the book, The 4-Hour Body. Brian has consulted with several athletic teams, including the 2012 Western Athletic Conference Champions San Jose State Women's Swim Team. His books include: Power, Speed, Endurance and Unbreakable Runner. You can learn more about his work at


What You’ll Learn:

  • What hypoxic training is, and why it can be useful
  • How "elevation masks" are being used for warm-up and recovery
  • How Wim Hof's method can be used to combat lactic acid post workout
  • Why we're in the "Wild West" of breathing right now

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Tomato Sauce - friend or foe?

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