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Breathing has never been more popular in yoga, fitness, and mindfulness circles—but unfortunately, most people lump all breathing into one category assuming that it's all good. The reality is that different breathing practices have dramatically different effects on your body and nervous system.

So before you breathe yourself into a frenzy, hold your breath for 3 minutes, or slow your respiration down to a stupor, it's worth digging into the science of what's really going on.
What You’ll Learn:

  • How breath can either up-regulate, down regulate, or balance your nervous system
  • Why many schools of breathing mistakenly teach one method as "the" method when the right breath practice depends on you and your situation
  • The dangers of using extreme breathing practices while bathing, swimming or even while driving
  • The differences between Wim Hof breath, Buteyko, most yogic breathing, and HRV balancing breath

Yoga Practice Tip of the Week:

  • Strength vs Flexibility - how do you find balance?

Got Questions?

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