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Here is one of my favorite interview questions: "What did you get in trouble for most when you were 12 years old?" The answer often reveals more about who someone really is than an hour-long conversation. Why? Because the things we do that drive people crazy are often the things that define us; and with the right application, the things that enable us to shine our brightest.

What if your weaknesses were your greatest strength? What if your weirdness made you wonderful? Our guest on this week's Yoga Talk Show reveals how this works.


Listen & Learn:

  • Why your weaknesses might be your superpower
  • Why it's foolish to focus on your weaknesses, and why you should instead focus on your strengths
  • Why "perfect" and "balanced" don't exist so we should not go looking for them
  • Why almost any personality type can find a way to excel at something


David Rendall is an author and sought-after speaker with clients that include: The US Air Force, Australian Government, and Fortune 50 companies such as Microsoft, AT&T, United Health Group, Fannie Mae, and State Farm. David has a doctor of management degree in organizational leadership, as well as a graduate degree in psychology. He is the author of four books: The Four Factors of Effective, Leadership, The Freak Factor, The Freak Factor for Kids, and Pink Goldfish.

Prior to becoming a speaker, he was a leadership professor, stand-up comedian, and nonprofit executive. David is also an athlete competing in ultramarathons and Ironman triathlons.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Lemon in the Morning

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