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This concept of "a pill for an ill" has led hundreds of millions of Americans to take prescription medications every single day. Antidepressants for mood, opioids for pain, and proton pump inhibitors for stomach problems—the list goes on and on. Modern medicine is truly a blessing, but it's gotten out of hand; and in many cases, we've neglected the safer and more obvious choices that are right in front of our faces.

Movement is medicine: running, dancing, stretching, and skiing.

You sweat and smile, your heart races, and you feel peace when you're done. We all feel better when we move, and yet, we don't do it enough. Why? When exercise is such a sure thing with unmatched health benefits, why does Netflix and Haagen Dazs often win our attention?

On this week's Yoga Talk Show, you'll meet an Olympic Athlete whose parents opted out of the psychiatric drug route and instead threw him head first into swimming and diving. He's on a mission to share his "movement is medicine" concept with the world, and it's something we call need to hear.


Listen & Learn:

  • How at just two years old, Leon was already unmanageable
  • How swimming, diving, and gymnastics calmed him down and gave him focus
  • How this physical outlet turned into a passion, and eventually and Olympic legacy
  • How you too can find your happy place doing a movement or exercise practice you love


Leon started swimming and gymnastics from the age of two and took up competitive diving when he was eight. By age 11, he was a national champion. Leon represented Great Britain at three Summer Olympic Games and was a member of the Great Britain team for 16 years.

Among his many awards, he's won a Bronze medal in the the 1999 European Aquatics Championships and a Silver medal in the men's 10 meter platform at the 2002 Commonwealth Games. In the  2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, he won the Silver medal in the men's synchronized 10-metre platform.

In 1998, Leon invented the what was then considered the World's most difficult dive. Taylor now works as a public speaker, presenter, conference host, BBC commentator and mentor to members of the British team. He's the other of a book called, Mentor.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • How Much Water to Drink

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