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Think of your body as a three-legged stool with an electrical body (your nervous system), a bacterial body (your microbiome), and a chemical body (your endocrine system). These three legs are largely responsible for your health and well-being, and if one leg gets whacked out from under you, you'll likely fall on your face.

Today, let's focus on your chemical body: your hormones. These chemical compounds influence everything from your waistline to your mood, and our modern world is filled with all kinds of toxins that lead to imbalances.

Did you know that most plastic water bottles contain estrogen-like BPA compounds that can cause weight gain, or worse? Did you know that many skin care products and soaps contain estrogen-like parabens that can get absorbed through your skin and lead to infertility? On this week's Yoga Talk Show, you'll learn why our generation is often estrogen dominant—and what we can do to fix it.


Listen & Learn:

  • Why too much estrogen can make you fat, sick, and infertile
  • How sauna treatments can help detoxify xenoestrogens
  • How genetic testing can show you how to manage estrogen
  • How xenoestrogens have ended up in everything from water bottles to skin care products
  • Why plant-based estrogens can also impact some percentage of the population
  • How to optimize your household, lifestyle, and product choices for hormonal balance


DR. ANTHONY G. JAY is a scientist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Dr. Jay earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Boston University School of Medicine. He is the president of the International Medical Research Collaborative, a non-profit organization based in Boston that trains medical students from around the globe.  Dr. Jay is also the CEO of AJ Consulting Company, which specializes in scientific consulting, speaking, and personalized DNA analysis.

He is the author of the book Estrogeneration: How Estrogenics Are Making You Fat, Sick, and Infertile. He also has a podcast called Chagrin & Toxic podcast you can find on iTunes or in the show notes.


Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Raw Dairy

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